Monday, April 18, 2011

nella's story

for those of you who dont know, i am currently about to finish up my first year of graduate school for speech-language pathology. its an incredible field which i have grown to love, but there were times when i questioned what i was doing. would i lose my creativity? would i be able to make a difference? would i be capable of retaining and applying such vast amounts of knowledge? is this whats right for me?

but sometimes we are most reassured by the experiences and viewpoints of others.

last summer was when i began my graduate program, thus it was also when my fears and doubts began driving my thoughts. i was quite literally living in that fear. then, i came across the most beautiful, eloquent, hopeful, encouraging story i had ever heard. it was narrated by a mother whose pregnancy did not turn out as she'd planned. i dont want to give away too much detail, because lord knows i would not do it justice. all i can say is that after reading about these lives, i sat there crying, and instead of being driven by fear, i was driven by the thought, "i get to be a part of these incredible stories. though the world says your child is different, i get to continually reinforce that she is beautiful and unique and loved."

please, please read nella's story, which i found on donald miller's blog.
please, please be encouraged to hear that, though you may not know the path you are on...though you might be scared, confused, uncertain, or disappointed...god is sovereign and knows your heart better than you could begin to.

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