Friday, April 15, 2011

"please dont keep me after all..."

one of my favorite feelings is remembering something i loved. might be something that i used to do, a specific trip, a period from my life....
maybe its because im a sentimental sap.
i know it and readily admit to it.
i also know that i hold onto memories very tightly.
i record them, revisit them, treasure them.

tonight i went back to the piano rooms that used to be my source of calm.
in undergrad, i would go to the quad late at night, when no one was around, and stare at the stars...listen to my favorite songs...think through my life and try to organize all the dreams, hurts, and possibilities that were filling my head.
i would eventually find my way to the basement of the music building and choose which grand piano would be the one to help me escape that night.
no one was around. the lights were off. i was unknown. and i liked that.
i would pound the keys and scream the lyrics, finding comfort in the crack of my voice.
part of me wanted to share that show someone my small secret corner of the world. but i found myself alone, and i was okay with that.
sometimes solitude is the most necessary solution.

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