Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i prefer life when its bizarre.

sometimes life can become extremely monotonous & mundane.
that, friends, is why i am so thankful for my "table partner".
graduate school, as you can imagine, has FULL potential for the previously stated viewpoints...but each person sits at a table with one other person in every class. we dont HAVE to sit by the same person, but we all do...a room full of speech-language pathology students is a room full of type A personalities, so its understandable.

here is a photo from last summer of myself & amber, my "table partner":

shes wonderful, and honestly, im so incredibly grateful to have someone in my life who makes me laugh on a daily basis. what a blessing, ya know? while telling stories about her tonight, i decided that i should probably fill everyone in. you deserve a good laugh, too.

thus, here is a list of all the things ive caught her doing during class, the conversations we've had, & the mischief that she brings about:

---making a timeline of her life (the only events being births, deaths, & graduations)
---drawing a self portrait
---writing out all the lyrics to antoine dodson's bed intruder song
---writing a list of bridesmaids (she is not engaged)
---writing a thank you note for a picture frame...that she didnt actually receive. she said she was just practicing writing it in case she DID get one someday...
---making an origami fortune teller
---making an ultimate 90's playlist
---writing the names of everyone she knows
---making a key-coded list of our entire class (the key included symbols indicating people who were married, engaged, dating, single, divorced, or who had children)
---writing (from memory) a poem she wrote in middle school titled, "ode to lipgloss"

---conversations during class---
---amber: "have you ever put cucumbers on your eyes?"
me: "no"
amber: "me either"
::end of conversation::

after doing a presentation on oral sensory awareness treatment, amber had 5 bottles of war head spray candy. now, at least once per class period, i hear her quickly whisper, "okay, teachers not looking...3 sprays". because i am easily influenced, i open my mouth and let her spray it. thennnnn i will often look over at random times during class and see her spraying two bottles simultaneously into her own mouth.

then, of course, there are the constant games of MASH, dots, and seeing who can name all 50 states. oh, and throw in a recent competition of who could name the most states where they had someone close enough they could visit & stay with.

surround yourself with bizarre, innovative, unique friends. life is so much better.


achappe said...

Hahahaha I seriously laughed out loud while reading this. Then again, I am the funniest person that I know. I am sooo thankful to have you as my table partner, as well. As much as we miss Chandler and Meghan, it is truly a blessing that we have found each other. There are so many inside jokes, quirky mannerisms, and hilarious conversations that we share. I am already getting so sad to think about when we are no longer table mates (Who else would put up with my antics?) However, I have a sneaking suspicion that we will find our way back to each other somehow :) I love you!!
<3 Your Table Partner (in crime)

PS This blog is so cute, but not as cute as you ;)

Natalie and Lee said...

Just came across your blog... this is hilarious! I have a friend that tells everyone her name is Betty everywhere we go... No reason, she just wants to! This post reminds me of her. So funny....

Love it and loving your blog!

jordyn. said...

natalie, so glad it reminded you of someone in your life!! and im REALLY glad you are surrounded by some silly people :)