Tuesday, November 11, 2008

no one.

today i put on a scent i hadnt known since
you and i were lost in thoughts of one another.
now i sit here waiting for something to happen..
waiting for nights of a past november to take over
the present one that is silent out of reverence for us.
we swore no one could get in the way of us,
but time wore thin and we got in the way of ourselves.
ourselves...we acted as one because my dependence took allegiance to you.
i always leaned on you but you never held me just right.
a heartsick embrace was all our minds could come up with.
i guess i never was too smart when it came to you.
reason wasnt true, but your words were
even when they werent.
you had a hold on me like that
knowing i could never let you go
but now our hands are occupied with other things
yours with her
mine with goodbyes

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