Saturday, November 8, 2008

7 random things you may not know about me [tagged by mrs. pye]

1) 2 years ago i was on the price is right. i wasnt technically called down, but i still was sooo close to bob barker!!! hes actually very funny during commercial breaks =]

2) most mornings i dont brush my hair; i love it; my mom hates it =]

3) my freshman year of highschool i was on a mission trip in jamaica [living at an orphanage] and a man broke into our room with a machete and stole ONLY my things. luckily i wasnt in the room at the time, but 2 of my 3 roomates walked in while he was in there. sort of an introduction to the real world outside of mt carmel, illinois.

4) when i was 4 i fell off a swingset [trying to show up this other girl my mom babysat...of course my pride would be involved, sheesh...] anyway, i landed on my right arm...from the elbow up stayed in place....from the elbow down twisted all the way in a circle until it snapped at the elbow.

5) i keep a journal to my future husband

6) if it were at all possible, i would want to be best friends with pauly shore

7) i have a list of things i want to do in my life, including--get my tattoo--stay in a hostel somehwere overseas--live in an apartment above a coffee shop/bakery/restaurant/something cool--adopt--get dreadlocks

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Danielle said...

that is a fine list, sweet girl.
i miss you.