Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a few statements for the blogger world:

1) i absolutely love Michaels.....and the idea of making all my christmas gifts. ive already done 2....and its so much fun; and a lot more personal. i really think gifts that you put thought that you personalize for someone you love mean so much more.

2) our coed intramural volleyball team (called orange crush) won the championship last night!!!! it sounds lame, but it was really a big deal. we've had a team for 4 semesters now, and have lost in the game before championships the past 2 semesters. we worked really hard and were super stoked =] pictures will come soon!

3) im going home this weekend to spend time with my family (of course) and my dear, dear friend mallory who i havent seen in ages. we were best friends through highschool and went to college together for a year, i believe, but then she moved to nashville. tennessee stole that piece of my heart, but illinois is gaining it back, if only for a weekend. on halloween i think we are just going to put on our highschool prom dresses and walk around town.....and i think we're gonna give out candy to trick-or-treaters in them. how fun, right??

4) there are a two cds that have taken me over and i highly recommend you check them out: "the sparrow and the crow" by william fitzsimmons and "simple times" by joshua radin. they are worth the money, i swear it. the story behind william fitzsimmons album is especially real, sincere, beautiful. if i were you, i would take the time to read the booklet of lyrics and dedications.

c'est tout.

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Jillian said...

I'm so proud of you!

(For making your christmas presents, AND for winning the championship)

when I played t-ball (when I was 4 & 5) our team was called the "Orange Crush!"

I still have the t-shirt. :)