Friday, July 13, 2012

saint louis love.

friends, i am officially a nashville resident.
im no longer a mid-westerner.
i am surrounded by: storms, southern accents, musicians, & terrible drivers.
its an odd feeling, but i am loving my new city & seeing gods sovereignty in all things.

although i no longer live in saint louis, i will forever love the gateway city. just today, my dear friends dad asked for the "must-do's" of saint louis. obviously, i got overly excited and started typing away at all my favorite spots throughout the city that is so dear to my heart.

that being said, i feel like i should share all my favorites with you in hopes that you can enjoy the tastes, sights, smells, and experiences that i treasure. friends, here is a list of saint louis' best, in my eyes.

breakfast --

1) rooster (this is downtown; they have wonderful crepes--both sweet and savory...i just went there for the first time a few weeks ago and was very impressed!)

coffee -- 

1) sump (this is some serious coffee...takes a little bit of time, but its the best iced cappuccino ive ever had. no flavored anything...just straight, good coffee).

2) foam (this is right down the street from sump. more variety and still a very fun atmosphere)

everyday lunch food --

1) the mudhouse (this is on cherokee street, which also has lots of fun antique stores (its called antique row). they have great sandwiches, my favorite of which is called "the goat". it has arugula, cucumbers, apricot jam, & goat cheese. sounds weird, but its fantastic.)

italian/pizza --

1) guidos (this is on the hill...they use provel cheese on their pizza, which is definitely the selling point....i always get artichokes & basil as toppings. so incredible. it has become a family favorite)

2) pi (there are several locations for this AMAZING pizza place, but my favorite is the one in central west end. if its not too hot of a night, its really fun to do outdoor seating and just experience city life)

sushi -- 

1) sub zero (this is also in central west in. it gets a little chaotic at night because its also a vodka bar, but if you go a little earlier it shouldnt be too bad. its by far my favorite sushi ive ever had).

2) wasabi (this is downtown on washington avenue. also really great sushi!)

burgers --

1) THE ROYALE!!!!! okay, even if you dont go anywhere else, i think this is a MUST. they have great beer on tap, really good cocktails, and the best burger ive ever eaten. i love getting their burgers with goat cheese and a side of sweet potato chips. seriously my favorite meal in the city.

2) baileys range (this is downtown and has wonderful, quirky burgers. they also have all housemade sauces...even their ketchup!! their food is fantastic.)

other dinner options --

1) llywelyns pub (theres one in soulard and one in central west end. the central west end location is my personal favorite. GREAT irish food!)

2) the scottish arms (im thinking this is a MUST. you need to try the scottish eggs and the lamb burger.....oooo and probably their shepherds pie. all so good.)

dessert --

1) the fountain on locust (SUCH GOOD DESSERT! and a fun vintage feel to the shop....a good night time hang out!)

2) park avenue coffee (i know this is a coffee shop, but they have a secret....GOOEY BUTTER CAKE!!! this coffee shop is known for their HUGE variety of incredible gooey butter cake. i would recommend going to the location in layfayette square)

cocktails/beer --

1) TASTE (another MUST, in my opinion. its a bit more expensive ($10 cocktails) but theyre seriously amazing. they have a fairly famous mixologist that works in-house, and his creations are by far my favorite on the menu. they also have GREAT food....their pork burger was phenomenal. its a good setting as well.....a kind of 1920s feel. i HIGHLY recommend trying "the ab-duck-tion". the cocktail ingredients are definitely weird, but its my favorite cocktail ive ever had.

2) international tap house aka itap (this is in soulard...they have an insane amount of beers on tap. definitely a great selection and a great environment)

entertainment --

1) left bank books (there is a location right next to rooster in downtown and one right across from pi in central west end. its just a fun bookstore...both new & used)

2) forest park! (its fun & beautiful to walk around forest park, especially in the evenings. it just feels like such a vibrant park of the city....i LOVE the fountain right across from the boathouse pond. also, the muny is an outdoor theatre in forest park that does shows. if you sit in the back, you can go for free, but you have to be willing to endure the heat)

3) antique row on cherokee street (i mentioned this earlier when talking about the mudhouse, but its just such a cool strip of shops. there are antique stores, used book stores, local stores, etc. its definitely a fun spot.)

dear, sweet residents of saint need to experience these wonderful locations. and when you do, let me know! id love to hear your opinions...good or bad!

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