Monday, June 20, 2011

farmers markets & friends.

what a killer weekend. seriously.

community is absolutely just one of my favorite things in the world. i am blessed to be part of a church that recognizes, encourages, & facilitates this. they are my family. outside of my immediate family, im not sure if ive ever been a part of something so beautiful.

friday i experienced a perfect summer evening with some of the wonderful women of trailhead. the simplicity of sitting on a deck, drinking wine, eating homemade pizza & guacamole, & telling stories with some of your dearest friends is incredible. its just sharing life with each other, and its the best feeling.

saturday morning the above mentioned friends + several others met up at 222 artisan bakery for breakfast. talk about some of the best pastries & coffee in the st louis there was an adorable older man who was wearing a beret, speaking french, & carrying a french book. i was a bit enthralled with him.

after breakfast, we walked down to the local farmers market. i love being able to spend time outside with friends while simultaneously supporting local people & businesses. i bought a quart of peaches, a loaf of potato bread, and the most gorgeous bouquet of hydrangeas & lavender.


then we all went to township grocer, which is one of my favorite spots in edwardsville. once again, its just such a great way to support local business (plus they have the best baking & cooking products around!!) while we were there, we saw really cool button bouquets used as centerpieces for their tables. being the crafty girls that we are, we decided to spend the afternoon making them. here is the end result:


the rest of the night was spent with my sweet, sweet friend jillian <3. goodness, god has placed the most amazing people in my life. even though life is hard, his love prevails; it is so evident in jillian and in the friendship i have found in her. on a less sentimental note, im very thankful that jillian is a friend i can eat twizzlers, m&ms, and cheesy potato wedges with and feel no guilt :) its always just so great to let loose with someone you love.

sunday afternoon was spent at springers creek winery with my brother, my sister-in-law kara, and other wonderful friends. again, the blessings of community.  the rest of the night was one of the craziest things ive ever experienced. i left for st louis to see shakespeare in the park [again] with my dear friend andrea and new friend laura. long story short, andrea went into labor. i, of course, have no knowledge of this aspect of life....all i could offer was excitement, prayer over her and with her, and safe delivery to her husband. with teary eyes, i hugged her, told her i loved her, and watched them drive off toward the hospital. then, the most wonderful thing....a new baby boy entered the world at 4:32 am. god is so good.

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