Saturday, April 2, 2011

friends & stag

i dont go out that much with friends anymore....if anything, we meet up for coffee, food, or a movie. but last night i got to have SO much fun with all the girls in my program. this was the best because typically, we only see each other at ugly red clinic polos...toting around "candy land" and a deck of sequencing cards. even if we DO see each other outside of school, we usually end up talking about different things we're working on with clients or the test thats coming up.

last night we had our annual "loves banquet". we have silent auctions, 50/50 drawings, and trivia...all to raise money for a selected organization. this year it was for stuttering foundation of america. check it:

then we all went to stagger inn.
this is hands down my favorite tavern. it has that laid-back, dimly-lit, "hey-i-recognize-you!" type of feel. so, about 20 of us and several significant others go in, grab some drinks, talk, laugh, dance, and listen to good music. phenomenal. we ended up at a few different places, and honestly just enjoyed each others company.

life is so much better when its shared with people. its one of my favorite feelings.

on a side note, my sweet sweet friend jillian pye is on the road with her incredible musician husband, owen pye, and their precious son, cash. (
jillians birthday is april 7th and she is holding a super fun birthday giveaway on her blog!
check it out! and if nothing else, tell her happy birthday!!!
im so ready for her to be home, but i am SO proud of what they are doing. i cant say i know tons of people who do what they are passionate about, but jillian & owen most definitely are. theyre wonderful.

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