Wednesday, January 20, 2010

vintage floral

i made new art today and this is one that i am SO excited about!!
i even made one for myself and hung it in my room :)

the one i hung in my room is a bit special; the buttons that i used on it are ones that i bought at an antique store the summer i lived in colorado. i found them today in a small ziplock bag that i deemed a keepsakes bag. it was full on wonderful, beautiful memories: photographs, buttons, fake tattoos of doves and rainbows, postcards from a boy who made me giddy. i looked upon all of it fondly, and knew that in using those buttons i just couldnt sell that piece. so instead, i made a replica :)

anyway, im just excited about the project in general....excited about the awesome fabric...excited that it stapled well onto the canvas....excited that its TOTALLY different from anything ive ever done. just excited.

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