Friday, January 22, 2010

...and in that was an example of a life lived.

ive been sitting at work perusing, and the more i see, the more i want to do. i want to explore talents and arts that i have never attempted, be exposed to new lands, try things that i am unsure of.

but really, my life has been a compilation of new activities and adventures. i am so grateful that, thus far, i have been where ive been and i have done what ive done.

i have traveled through europe within the streets of venice and verona; seen the leaning tower of pisa; have walked through the vatican in rome; ive seen the street artists in florence and been on top of the eiffel tower in paris. i have eaten at a bakery in monaco and put my feet in the mediterranean sea at the french riviera. i have spent the night in a small swiss town, listening to yodelers in the park.

i have worked in an orphanage in the mountains of jamaica and joined with a mexican family in juarez to construct a house. i have lived in the valleys of colorado and gone snow-shoeing through several feet of snow that its mountains accumulated. i have experienced the chaos of chicago and the calm of the atlantic ocean....smiled at the child-like essence of disneyworld and roadtripped down the pacific coast highway in california.

i have been parasailing and skiing, and have been an audience member in a live recording of the price is right. i played years of softball and basketball....and devoted so much time to volleyball. i spent two years coaching 6th grade volleyball and a summer as a high school camp counselor. ive attempted gymnastics, and played the clarinet; and after years of piano lessons, i still sit at the keys and belt my heart out when such comfort is needed.

ive seen the musicals wicked, rent, and jerseyboys in very beautiful cities, and have scoured country roads for abandoned houses. i have been mesmerized by many a baseball game in st louis, denver, and cincinnati...and have worn myself down with the excitement of rollercoasters and waterslides at holiday world.

i have tried zumba classes, step classes, pilates, and hip-hop classes....learning to let go and enjoy life, even if people are watching. i have written poems & lyrics & stories; i have invested myself in beautiful parents, siblings, friends...i have tried love & settled on saving it for another time. i have cried over the loss of people dearly loved, while simultaneously celebrating their reunion with christ.

i am about the graduate with my bachelor's degree and am continuing my education to earn my master's. ive put my heart into photography, and tried a hand at painting and multi-media art.

i look at my life, and though there is SO much i want to many new things to learn, study, see, understand, attempt, create......i have lived so fully, thus far.

so heres to living; appreciating your own life experiences; having passion to pursue new things; having courage to tread uncharted territory; and loving so fiercely in all circumstances that christ emanates from all you do.


Jillian said...

you are perfect.
not a perfect person,
but a perfect Jordyn.
The only you.
And I love you for that and so much more.

Maria said...

love this. feel like we just sat down in a cozy little place and caught up on what's been going on in your life.

moon safari said...

loads and lots and tons of yes.

Inspired Kara said...

I'm sitting at the airport catching up on my much beloved blogs, this is my favorite post by far. You are just wonderful. Now, go backpack around Europe please. You need to.