Wednesday, January 6, 2010

st louis intertwined with my heart

the longer im here, the more i realize that my heart has come deeply intertwined with this city...and it is not a mess that can be undone. i am forever tied to st louis...if not by proximity, then by memories.

i have created new moments in the city...
::a beautiful day at the loop with becca::
::searching for love, when deep down i knew he would not show; and all along having my roommate there for the support i needed::
::hearing the man who would become our president speak of change::
::meeting mr. william fitzsimmons and realizing that i adore him with good reason::
::eating the best gosh darn pizza ive ever had while laughing with my two favorite brother & father::
::celebrating an upcoming marriage with high school friendships that keep alive, regardless of distance::
::late nights with intriguing people at the dirtest, sketchiest, best diner in st louis (courtesy diner, holla!)::

but at the same time, i have brought in other areas of my life to experience the place that so stealthily stole my heart...

elizabeth, who worked at springhill with me the summer of 2008, was meant to be in my life; that summer was hard, trying, painful, made me grow in ways i could never have grown on my own; and that summer brought about our friendship...and i never expected to leave seymour, indiana loving someone so much. she came here and stayed with me one weekend....and to bring someone i love so dearly to the city i love so was epic to say the least; sometimes my life feels compartmentalized into different segments...different places & people...


so to mix the segments....just...feels...good.

in the same way, megan, my closest companion from my summer in colorado (2007), came to st louis. so much had happened since we had spent those two months exploring the mountains, listening to live folk music, taking photographs, and sharing lives....she moved from california to south carolina, got married, and was (still is) pregnant. so much had changed, but while sitting at coffee cartel in central west end of st louis with her, her husband, and that super cute belly of hers....i had so much joy.

these thoughts are necessarily anything of importance....but as i was driving out of the city tonight, looking at the neon city that has helped me attain the beautiful life that i am fortunate to call mine, i just felt thankful. alive. on fire.

thus, st louis is intertwined in my heart...held in place by the joy of knowing one another in all aspects, good and bad, and loving more deeply than ever.

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Elizabeth said...

i am honored to be in your post and in your life. i love you and am so happy that you are one of my dearest friends. keep creating