Friday, January 8, 2010

criminal minds

as long as i can remember, ive been intrigued by crime shows. as a child i would sit in front of a tv several days during the summer, entranced by unsolved mysteries; this past year, the show 'snapped' on oxygen got my attention....females who murder their husbands...what?! i need to know about this!!
maybe its so interesting to me because its a puzzle that has to be solved.

and, on top of that, ive always been one for learning....and crime, how it is accomplished, motives behind it, etc....thats all new to me. it isnt how my mind works so i enjoy hearing what other people decide and how they come to those decisions.
but ive found the best of them all....CRIMINAL MINDS!!

oh my word, its fabulous. its the behavioral analysis unit of the fbi, so its not just about solving a crime...or one murder. they do psychological profiles of serial killers....figuring out patterns, why the person is killing, what may have triggered the spree, the type of victim they typically go after....

i think this is what drew me in. its not just about collecting evidence and putting together the pieces; its about the mindset and the way the killer's thoughts work.

and, of course, it doesnt hurt that theres a wonderfully beautiful (and super intelligent) boy on the show; introducing....dr spencer reid!!

annnnd thats my rant for today.


elise said...

Reid and Owen look alike, No?
there's a picture from their wedding that looks JUST like him.... so funny.
and i like that show too:O)

jordyn. said...

ha, figures id be crazy over a guy who looks like one of my best friends husbands...

i just like quirky. who doesnt, right?!