Wednesday, August 3, 2011

life is worth living.

lately ive noticed something:
all of my friends are moving.
yes, this happens when jobs, marriages, adult life come into play
but these arent just small moves; these are cross country moves.
a bit of me is jealous; but most of me is proud.
i am so blessed to have adventuresome friends...
...friends who choose experiences over comfort or material possessions....
some people love where they live, and i totally get that.
there is absolutely nothing wrong with being present where you are.
theres just something magical about starting fresh in a brand new city.
so this post is all about the people i love and the adventures theyre taking.
[i will try to go in some sort of geographical order...]


this is my sweet friend josie. she is insanely beautiful, and has a sense of humor that will make you giggle for hours & hours (one of the many reasons why i love her). she & her husband just moved to alaska, which is basically a dream come true for them. they have been posting breath-taking photos and im hoping at some point i will be able to visit. my friendship with josie was pretty new, so im super sad about them leaving so quickly. i know they have wonderful things in store way up north, though.


this is brandon! he didnt JUST move, but we just recently reconnected and i found out he had taken the leap from the midwest to the pacific northwest. we met at church camp in early highschool years, and he became an instant dear friend to me. his heart is so good & ive been very blessed in knowing him. plus, he keeps me cool. i mean, check out that tattoo sleeve...

also in washington is miss megan. she has been there for awhile, as well. megan & i met in the summer of 2007 at colorado. she moved out from california & i moved out from illinois. we both worked at the same mountain resort and went to the same church for those few months. we were inseparable, and i was surprised at how close our friendship became in such a short time period. since then, i flew out to california to see her, and she made a pit stop in st louis with her husband and sweet baby girl (who at the time was still in her belly!). im so thankful for that summer bringing about such a sweet friendship.


a lot of people i love live within the 4 borders of this state. most of you know i have spent ample time there, and in that time, ive built a family. this first photo is of my aunt who also happens to be one of my best friends. she always, ALWAYS makes me laugh and always loves me unconditionally. she is a foundation for me. the second photo is of dear amanda. she has such a servants heart & i always seem to learn valuable things through her words & actions. she is a friend who makes me a better person.


the first photo is of my closest highschool friend (and honestly, just one of the closest friends in my whole life). she kept me grounded throughout my teenage years, and we both kept each other laughing. she is so incredibly intelligent and just a beautiful woman. i was the maid of honor in her wedding & felt so blessed to be standing next to her. she & her husband JUST moved to LA. when i think of people taking leaps of faith...when i think of risk-takers...when i think of adventure...i think of them. im so excited to see theyre journey happen.

the second picture is of my friend elisha. we have known each other since we were about 17; we've had so many conversations i cant even begin to count them all.....GOOD conversations....conversations that had me in fits of laughter....conversations that had me crying...conversations that made me happy, frustrated, contemplative. im so thankful for the way he challenges me & i him. its a beautiful balance.


justin moved to phoenix just recently and he is already being SO missional about his move. we met in the summer of 2008 when we were church camp counselors at springhill. as long as ive known justin, ive been drawn to him. he has an incredible heart, a beautiful way with words, an evident love for christ, and an easy way of making you feel important. phoenix is lucky to have him.


emily and i have been friends since highscool. what started as simply volleyball teammates turned into a wonderfully rich friendship that gave advice, love, understanding, & laughter. we have grown together and found our way from being teenagers to adults...side by side....understanding that its hard & that we need each other. she, her husband, & their son all moved to chicago because of her husbands job. she is starting pharmacy school in the city, and i am just gushing with pride for her. shes one of the strongest women i know.

miss danielle reed (who i like to call d-reed) moved to chicago for a freaking sweet job in forensic science. we became friends in college, and even though distance has happened, our friendship has gotten better & better. the longer i know her, the more i am blessed. the coolest thing about our friendship and the way we live out life together is seeing our brokenness compared to gods goodness. i feel like somehow, the two of us are constantly reminding each other of that. friendships that reflect christ are the absolute best.


brea is the best. she took an INCREDIBLY large leap of faith, packed up her bags, and moved to minnesota in pursuit of a Ph.D. holy cow, i have the coolest friends. she is full of fun & laughter & adventure & charisma & love. every phone conversation i have with her ends with the best feeling....a feeling of true friendship...comradery....grace. the neatest part? that has been there ever since we first became friends our freshman year of college. she is a rare treasure, for sure.


this is the newest move of all!!! one of my dearest friends, jen, just got married last saturday!! she & her husband are currently on their honeymoon, but upon their return, they will be living in louisville, kentucky. jens friendship is one of the best things ive experienced. we were together non-stop all throughout college, then lived together for a year while we were both working toward a masters degree. she makes me laugh, she hugs me when all i have are tears, she challenges me, & she loves me so well. she is someone that i could not do without.


lindsey and i met during undergrad in the speech-pathology program. she is the sweetest southern belle you will ever come across. i honestly do not think ive ever encountered such a pure heart. after graduation, she got married & moved with her husband to nashville. he is pursuing music, she is pursuing a masters, and they are both pursuing christ. what a beautiful example of how marriage should truly look.


this is also an EXTREMELY recent other best friend from highschool, ashley, & her husband moved to hotlanta...err....atlanta. shes pursuing a masters in theology....incredible, right?! she has been an absolute constant in my life. then, after she got married, i realized she chose a great husband who has also become a really dear friend to me. the two of them together are an amazing thing...and i am constantly thankful for how real i can be with them. they do not want me to be a certain way, act a certain way, say a certain thing. even when things are bad, they take me as i am and love me as christ would. these are true friends.

there you have it. i officially know the coolest people in the world. people who love life, pursue christ, care about people, & take adventures. incredible. what adventures are you taking?


Elizabeth said...

I'm living in dayton ohio, I'd say that's pretty adventurous lol

bclosen said...

My life is worth living because of friends like you. You inspire me and give me the strength I need to step outside of what is comfortable and follow my path, lit by nothing but faith. I look to you with such admiration...a woman of true beauty, the kind that cannot be described with words; the kind of beauty, we as your friends, are lucky enough to experience through you. Thank you for touching my life. Not a day goes by that you don't cross my mind. I love you!

♡Shayla♡ said...

I seriously don't know which is you in the last photo. twins!

do you know what this means?
(not the twin bit, but the everyone moving bit)
That you need to move to.. TO OKLAHOMA!

i want to be near you. i love you. come. just come.

Anonymous said...

Jordyn! What a cool post! Thanks for the kind words about me... turns out I'm actually about to leave Phoenix, but I'm not going far. I'm moving to Flagstaff, Arizona (two hours north of Phoenix) to help one of my best friends start a young adult ministry at a church up there and to reach out to college students at Northern Arizona University. We have a dorm in downtown Flagstaff which is amazing because Flag is a miniature version of Portland. You would love it! There is so much natural beauty in and around Flag. I'm super excited about it, but I still need to find a job so pray for that if you would! Give me a call sometime soon when you're free and we'll catch up!