Thursday, April 21, 2011

expression through fashion

most days, i am forced to wear an ugly red polo shirt and dress pants (although i currently get away with wearing dark wash jeggings instead...shhh....). the supervisors and professors have deemed this our "clinic attire". yuck. i think i will be burning that silly shirt at the end of the summer.

anyway, on days that i do not have to look like a fashion disaster, i choose to mix & match tshirts, cardigans, big owl necklaces, nerd glasses, sock hats, scarves, etc. it feels so good to be girly or even just to express your style a bit.

yesterday, some would have called my look "hipster". i call it "wearing what i want and enjoying it". who needs labels?!

hello nerd glasses & vintage illini sweatshirt that i got from my father.

be you. youre lovely.

1 comment:

♡Shayla♡ said...

you ARE lovely.

and I love you.

and i love your style.

so i think that covers everything.