Monday, April 25, 2011

beautiful weekends.

weeks are sometimes pretty killer. i especially feel that way this week, which happens to be the last week of clinic and the week before finals. i think all the speech pathology professors are conspiring to steal our souls....or so it feels.

THATS WHAT MAKES WEEKENDS SO WONDERFUL. even though there is homework, a term paper, a lesson to plan, or whatever it may....theres a BIT of freedom....the slightest taste. this weekend, i got to see the civil wars. i honestly do not think two voices have ever sounded better together. their voices sounded as good as their recordings (which is always such a great thing to experience). added bonuses: joy williams is super smiley and silly and cool. john paul has a wonderful, dry sense of humor that plays perfectly off of joy's. in conclusion, theyre the perfect duo. if you ever get the chance to see them play, most definitely go and revel in their awesomeness. here are a few favorite shots from the show:

 such an incredible saturday night.
 on sunday, i scored some free cardinals tickets. one of my closest friends just moved here from colorado for graduate school this year, so she had never been to busch stadium. we spent ALL day working on a term paper, and decided that would be our reward! 

all in all, ridiculously good weekend. new goal: try to not die under the pressure of a million projects within the next week.

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