Thursday, March 31, 2011

opening day!!!

i was raised on baseball. its always kind of been my "thing" with my dad & brother.
they are both giants fans, but i am very much a cardinals fan.
my dad has a debate going with himself over this one:

part of him thinks he raised me right because of how much i LOVE the ballpark. i want to be there two hours before the game and be the last to leave. we always talk about how its just different there....its one of our favorite places in the world.

the other part of him thinks he raised me wrong because i didnt follow in his footsteps with my team choice. i guess in that regard, my brother is the good child :) its just hard to not love the cardinals when you grew up going to busch stadium. people in st louis are SUCH dedicated fans...and we've had our moments of being a pretty darn good team...

soooo HOORAY FOR OPENING DAY!!!! i wont be at a game until april 19th, so theres a bit of a wait, but not anything unbearable.

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