Thursday, January 14, 2010

some moments are just better than others...

i started off today with a good cry.
not good as in, "wow i really needed that and i finally got all this emotion out of my system".
good as in, i was pretty upset.
i just dont do well when people talk in a demeaning way toward me; and i really have a hard time when people are upset about something, but project those feelings onto other people (today i happened to be the other person). we were not designed to be self-centered, and when that trait starts to creep in, feelings get hurt.
but i held back the tears, and just let them all spill over when i called my mom; she was super encouraging and wonderful...and just called about an hour ago to see if i was doing better, which i definitely am.

the day did keep going though, and had a really fun turn around. at about 3:15, i was in the main building on campus with a friend. there were a lot of people around, and my friend and i started to walk toward the quad to head to our next class. all of a sudden i hear someone loudly scream, "JORDYN!!" i look up, and my good friend jen's boyfriend was walking into the building, gave me a HUGE high-five, then kept walking. not even 30 seconds later i hear, "JORDYN!!" somewhere within the mass of people. i look up to see another friend, who also walked up to me, gave me a HUGE high-five, and kept walking.

my friend chandler turned to me and goes, " just got two really intense high-fives. that was like a movie." that was probably the most popular ive ever felt in my life, haha.

now, off to watch '500 days of summer' with my roommates. oh, how i dream to look and sing like zooey deschanel.....


elise said...

i'm sorry you had a rough time of it!
i'd love to look like Zooey-- or at least have her amazing wardrobe.:O)

Jillian said...

I loved the visual parts of 500 days of Summer, but wasn't too impressed with the actual movie.

I'm SO sorry you had a crappy day sweet heart :(
I'll give that other person a nice big one two punch for ya! Or just scowl, I'm really good at that. (so is Cash)

Love you :)

Inspired Kara said...

zooey = my one and only girl crush

her apartment in that movie = one of my many home crushes

you havin' a sad day = no crush at all

Maria said...

jordyn jordyn long has it been my love? i associate you with so many of my happiest oilbelt memories...hope you are doing well..excited you are in the blog world too!!

jordyn. said...

maria!!! oh my goodness, im so happy to hear from you! i think of you sometimes and never knew a way to get a hold of you; you were so crucial and inspirational in my life...really. in high school i needed a strong, female figure around my age to look up to, and when i met you at oil belt, it just seriously impacted me.

i want to follow your blog, but i am a bit uneducated when it comes to blogs; i can only get it to pull up your profile! if you could send me your link...?

Maria said...

Jordyn!! You are so encouraging and it's quite funny bc I always looked up to your faith...I'm so glad we have a way to connect again like old times! My blog is You are such a talented photographer!!!

elise said...

maria??? caught the bouquet at my wedding maria? too lovely for words maria?