Friday, January 29, 2010

friends, friends, friends

i cannot believe three weeks of my final semester of my undergraduate career are already gone!! 13 more weeks left of college as ive known it...then onto bigger and better things (aka, actually working with clients!!!!)
on a completely, 100% different note: this weekend i get to spend time with so many lovely people!!! miss becca mead is coming down from chicago..annnd i havent seen her in several, several months. heres a couple pictures to show our sweet friendship :)
and then on sunday, my dearest, best friend since high school is coming to have coffee with me in the morning, hang out all day, head to church with me in the evening, then slumber party it up in my apartment. oh, hallelujah. im so will be our first slumber party since shes been married :) heres some of my favorite photos capturing our friendship:

and then, sunday night, ashley and i's good friend matt hawn is gonna come to church with us and hopefully hang out for a bit afterwards. these are all people that im SO lucky to have in my life, and that i havent seen in way too long; yay for an exciting weekend!!

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Jillian said...

yay :) pretty girls!