Wednesday, January 7, 2009


can i just say that i finally feel like my mind is in the right place?
maybe im finally finding sanity in my insanity.
because tonight i have certainly felt insane.
scattered, in the least.
my mind is no longer on finding love
or the state of being unloved
forget loneliness or pasts that have been blurred even from the finest photos.
my mind is on bigger things, truer tragedies
orphaned and crying.
the hopeless.
im intent on praying.
im intent on seeking out beyond myself.
im SO INTENT on being still and waiting.
im going crazy on the inside with fear and obstacles and indecision.
but i know to pray; i know to seek truth in word;
i know to wait;
be anxious about nothing, but pray about everything.
he speaks that straight, but rarely do i follow.
so in my crazed thoughts of what im supposed to be doing...
in my curiosity, in my hearts passion
in my mixed emotions of passion and fear to serve the unloved, the forgotten
in all these moving things, i will still myself.
i will wait and i will listen
for he hears the cries of the righteous.

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Shayla shut your eyes said...

hi pretty lady.

blog it up bro. :) i love you.