Wednesday, December 3, 2008


theres more to who i am than you would ever give me credit for.
but sometimes i forget to believe that.
the narrow fissures come into focus
and i realize that i am no more than i claim to be.
but no; youve convinced me; i know youre wrong.
i can feel the deep crevices ive been digging for 20 years.
theyre not as shallow as your unrelenting eyes seem to think.
theyre worn...yes.
theyre chaotic...yes.
theyre slashed, sewn, and mended...yes.
theyre not new or intricate.
but i refuse to let you tell me they count for any less.
so as the sun finds the sky again, i will slip into my old jeans
and continue to dig.
treasures and adventures will be uncovered
as i look to the son
knowing i was meant to shine brighter than you ever thought i could.

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Jillian said...

I sure do love you.