Tuesday, October 14, 2008


is it possible that things can seem so far past?
maybe they are and i just forgot to take note of it.
a year seems like nothing,
but it changed everything & my eyes glossed over that fact.
i miss you but for a moment i felt as if none of it were ever real.
time has a way of doing that...turning facts into fiction.
thats what we are; fiction.
a story to be looked upon, but not taken for truth...
because now you are someone elses truth,
& it can only exist steadfast in a single heart.
but i know you;
i know youre devoted ways and your faithful tendancies.
your truth will not dim just because it is no longer mine;
no--it will shine that much brighter because your eyes match up
& your smiles reflect the joy you now contain.
youve allowed your heart to love
and my heart loves that.

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Jillian said...

shut up! (not to your post, just in general!)
Jordyn has a blog! I'm loving it!